Time for a change.

2016 is ending and its time for some changes. I strongly believe that your living environment has an effect on your happiness and overall wellbeing, so to start 2017 (feels weird to write that!) I’m taking a leap and painting my room white. I know that it probably sounds like a small change, but I feel like something like this can really make a difference to your personal health of mind.

I’ve always thought white was a great colour to have on your walls, it’s like a blank canvas and the contents of that room can decide on the look. I like the impermanence, like I could throw away everything and fill the room with completely new furniture and have it be so vastly different than before.

I’m painting the room myself, so I’m excited to watch the transformation and to be able to tick ‘paint a room’ off my bucket list.

do you believe that your living environment affects your happiness? What changes are you making in the new year?




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